Sprs Glamping Pods Devon and Cornwall

Glamping pods are ideal for self-catering staycations. Part of their charm is the ability to provide a luxury holiday destination close to home, which is an increasingly popular vacation format for UK residents. In fact, if you’ve been debating whether or not to establish your own glamping retreat, the covid-19 pandemic has presented a unique opportunity for aspiring staycation owners. A whopping 73% of Britons will choose UK holidays over foreign ones in light of health and safety concerns. Covid-19 will continue to menace society for the foreseeable, and staycations have always been popular — if not more popular in recent years — to UK dwellers. If there was ever a time to invest in your glamping pod rental business, it’s now.

Renting Out Sprs Glamping Pods

In the right hands, glamping is a lucrative and rewarding investment. The sudden boom in staycations has increased the demand for glamping. Therefore, developing your own rental service in prime locations is a profitable business venture. Unlike traditional camping, glamping is not restricted to summer, so you can a enjoy sustainable income all year around. Bunkers are typically equipped with burners, stoves and other heating accessories to stave off the cold. Their sturdy design and weather resistant properties makes them a valiant option for year-round glamping. There are a number of things you can do with a glamping pod — the sky (and your creativity) is the limit.

Sprs Low Maintenance Glamping Pods

Another benefit of glamping is the maintenance costs and survivability of the bunkers. The upfront costs of purchase and installation are reasonable for the investment, as they are also a sustainable and long-term business model. You are paying for a product that will withstand the outdoors for years, so it’s important to keep this in mind if you’re striving for longevity. Other camping products, like yurts and tents, aren’t as durable as glamping pods. They are less likely to suffer external damage and thus, require fewer repairs and replacements. Ultimately, this pays off in the long run.

Glamping Pod Add Ons

Like all our bespoke living spaces you can include a kitchen/bathroom plus heating to ensure you 100% enjoy every minute of your new Sprs glamping pod, available throughout Devon and Cornwall in addition to all Southwest areas.