Sprs Garden Rooms

As a company we specialise in building garden living spaces which can be used all year round. We build everything from 1-8 bedroom garden rooms to home cinema rooms and offices. All our living spaces are built fully insulated with a choice of heating options including log burners and underfloor heating. We include all utility connections in our builds and all foundation work involved. Our turn key service means your new living space is ready to move into imediatly the day we finish installing. We have never recieved less than a 5 star review and we work hard to maintain our flawless status.

The Oxford Garden Room

The Oxford is a simple yet beautiful room which can be used as a home gym or an open area room; bringing the outside in. The Oxford is a bright and elegant room, a truely lovely space to enjoy at any time of the year. Many customers use garden rooms as an extra bedroom for visiting guests to give them their own space. Fully insulated and built by us, to your personal design; the Oxford is a great example of a basic garden room.

The Regency Garden Room

The regency is a lovely addition to any home. This space consists of a bathroom, a bedroom and a small kitchen. This particular customer was a musician and needed the space to practice in peace whilst entertaining a small audience. A modern style with plenty of space to enjoy and fully customised to your requirements.

The Carrington Garden Room

The Carrington boasts a modern L-shape design with plenty of space. Kitchen/bathroom/living area and a bedroom. This model can be used for anything from a party room to a granny anex for the mother in law. There are many design options using the Carrington L-shape design, tailoring the room to your unique requirements.

The Winchester Garden Room

The Winchester is a wonderful traditional little home. Comprising of 2 bedrooms and a living room, a beautifully equipped bathroom plus designer kitchen. The one pictured also had underfloor heating making it extra cosy. This particular model is used a lot by camp sites and holiday parks, advertised as  luxury accommodation. Spacious and usable all year round, the Winchester is an incredible addition to any surrounding.

The Helston Garden Room

The Helston is the perfect room to enjoy the garden from. We personally find these a great option to use as a cinema room. A simple structure that looks good and is usable all year round. A wonderful man cave or an elegant space to use as an office to meet your clients.

Benifits Of A Sprs Garden Room

The most obvious reason for having an Sprs garden room installed is the additional living and recreational space it gives. One of the biggest challenges homeowners face is finding enough space for every day living. A home extension was one of the most popular ways to increase living space in your home, although in recent years garden buildings are overtaking this form of home renovation and becoming the leading form of home improvement. Garden buildings give the opportunity to create your own personal retreat. Home extensions alter the property you already have by adding on another room creating that much needed extra space. Because of this, it can be a complex process that can take a lot of time. Our garden rooms do not usually require planning permission unless you’re deciding on an annexe that is going to be used for living purposes. Our annexe buildings will need planning permission as they’re for full-time living, however, our dedicated team will handle this for you. What makes them so popular? They are  versatile, they can be used for anything and have all of the amenities that a room inside a home would have. So whether you’re looking to expand space for your growing hobby, or you simply want a space to retreat to in the evenings after a long day at work, a garden room can cater for all your needs.

Product Quality

All our products and services are built around luxury and quality. We use the best materials for a better quality installation. Our garden rooms are insulated to very high energy efficient ratings. All come with the option to add kitchens and bathrooms. All electrical aspects taken care of. A after service you can trust. Most importantly you can use them as normal living spaces all year round and thats a guarantee. Installation included on all quotes. We only use experienced installers which work for ourselves. We are always happy to help you design a garden room you will enjoy for many years to come. Any shape or size we really can make anything you desire.

We promise to deliver the highest standards of services..